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Stress management coaching with Tania

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

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Stress Management Coaching

Tania´s 1 to 1 Coaching

With Tania´s 1 to 1 coaching sessions, you will take a look at the most important aspects of your life and determine where balance is needed. Too much stress can have an impact on many aspects of your life.

In a basic 1 to 1 coaching session, Tania will work closely with you so that you can become aware of the obstacles that are getting in your way and she will give you the tools to move forward and ensure that the results are long lasting. These will become part of your daily rituals and habits, because at the end of our day, it´s the sum of all the small things we do in one day that will determine its outcome.

Tania guarantees confidentiality and will work with you in a safe space either in person, or over a Skype call. She typically works with clients over the course of three months with an hour session twice a month.

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Other Coaching

Group Coaching
Group Coaching

Group coaching can act as a support network and a sounding board. Often the group will suggest ideas and help each individual achieve greater personal harmony.

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Wellness Retreats
Wellness Retreats

Come and join Tania on a transformational retreat around Andalucia and take home valuable lessons regarding nutrition, positive energy, relaxation and breathing techniques.

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1 Day VIP Coach
1 Day VIP Coaching

Tania´s 1 Day VIP Coaching session, you can expect to feel like a new person and your outlook on life will have shifted for the better.

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Listen Online - Podcasts

Listen Online - Podcasts

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Blogging to Wellness

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